I was delighted and somewhat surprised to discover thought no one had written a song called 'good old fashioned rock and roll' so I thought I would. download

It's misleading to describe tone as solely a function of hardware and software. There are plenty of things you can do right now to improve your ton... more

Spotify removes the music of veteran songwriter Neil Young after the singer issued an ultimatum to the company. more

Actually, I've got nearer 1.2 million plays now but I'm not at all that pleased. more

Regular readers will know I've been railing against old artistes, especially the one hit wonders, making a “comeback”. They should give the next ge... more

The Floyd Rose tremolo arm (whammy bar) design is renowned for staying in tune, even after the most extreme dive bombs. more

Closely related to "Cross Road Blues " (also known as " Crossroads ") but is not the Robert Johnson classic rather a new, original blues compositio... download

Nothing to do with the Blues original (by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin' Wolf in 1960, also famously performed by the Doors on their debut al... download

'Say my name' is easy listening, clean blues with a story. download

This instrumental track, whilst a 12 bar, is also rooted in the style of smooth jazz blues that Larry Carlton did in the 80’s. download

This has nothing to do with Born Under a Bad Sign, the famous Albert Lee album or the Cream track of the same name (by Booker T. Jones, William Bell). download

Bad Girl Blues is a 60’s psychedelic blues complete with sitar and modal melodies. download

Cold Coffee and Cigarettes is all a body needs! download

New for 2022 the album I would have made if I had had Cubase back in the day! download

In the good old days there were two choices for any self respecting rock guitarist; Gibson or Fender, OK perhaps Gretsch. more

Could you be a rock star? Find out! Here's a game to test your rock star skills more

This was a collaboration with Mark Dorricott on Soundcloud. It's back to my roots with this Chicago blues tune download