Why Musicians will always fail on YouTube

Fellow musos, do you wonder why you're not getting noticed on YouTube? My 19 year old son hit the nail on the head.

But Dad, you don't make YouTube Videos!

He's right.

Just look at what YouTube dishes out to you. Notice any similarities?

music-icons-aj.png They are nearly all 'Talking Head' videos.

Yet, most musicians are still making MTV videos.

See the disparity?

Music videos are so 1980's. MTV had to move on from that format, so should you.


Fact remains, I want people to listen to my music, I don't want to become addicted to making videos. How do you square that circle?

How did I succeed with a music video on YouTube? 75K views, 3.2K watch time, 507 new subscribers. There are many myths about how to get a popular music video.

Let me tell you about how I made my most popular YouTube video in my next post...