vidIQ evaluation

Social media is not for the faint hearted!

We all hope, beyond expectation, that we will find a YouTube account manager that will actually work for our music channels.

vidIQ is not it!

It looks slick and makes it easy to join.

It asks for access to your YouTube account and then scrapes the data and presents it to you. This looks impressive but the truth is you're no better off than with YouTube analytics (for free).

It has an 'ai coach' you can interact with. I asked it the golden question musicians should ask anyone selling them fame and fortune...

what is your proven track record?

It didn't answer the question and spewed BS better than a politician.

You are better off with ChatGPT than with the vidIQ ai coach (for free)

To be fair I only used the free level but they want £48 per MONTH to access more than 3 interactions. That would require some leap of faith!

Are they scammers? Probably not, but if you ask musicians for money and won't divulge your success stories well...

In short - nothing new and nothing you can't get free elsewhere.

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