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I've built up followings on Soundcloud and YouTube for doing mostly instrumental tunes featuring guitar leads. I play a mixture of covers and original material, crossing over genres. about my musical journey

New release!

Latest Album - Grooves

This album is about the groove, about chasing it, and sometimes catching it!

Jimi and Miles

The concept of this album is an imagining of what a collaboration between two musical giants, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis, might have sounded like.

This album features Jimi and Miles pastiches including If 6 was 9, Voodoo Child, Castle made of sand, Foxy Ladies, Hey Hoe, Little Wings, In a Silent way, Purple Hazed, 3rd Stone and more the making of Jimi Meets Miles Listen

My Original Albums

One Man Band album One Man Band
As the name suggests I wrote and performed all instruments on all tracks. (2016) Listen
Thrills 'n' Chills album Thrills 'n' Chills
This album features both high energy and laid back tracks. (2014) Listen
Relentless album Relentless
This album has a distinctly 'rocky' flavour on top of jazz/fusion. (2013) Listen
Second Strings album Second Strings
My second collection of instrumentals. Like String Theory previously there is a mixture of smooth jazz, funk and blues influences (released 2013) Listen
String Theory album String Theory
My first instrumental album containing mostly smooth jazz with a blues feel (released 2011)  Listen

click to hear the Smile album Smile
My song writing showcase featuring rock/pop/R&B vocal tracks - (released 2010)    Listen

All Funked Up
My 1980's funk tracks. Disco funk that stands up to the test of time quite well!   Listen


Michael Jackson covers Michael Jackson
This album features 14 Michael Jackson re-works including Bad, Beat it, Billie Jean, Human Nature, Man In The Mirror, Off the Wall, Rock with you, She's out of my Life, Smooth Criminal, Thriller and more Listen
Earth Wind and Fire Earth Wind and Fire
This album features 11 Earth Wind and Fire covers including September, Boogie Wonderland, Let's Groove, Sing a Song, After the Love has Gone, Got to get you into my life and more Listen
Steely Dan covers Steely Dan
This album features 22 Steely Dan re-works including Aja, Black Friday, Deacon Blues, Dr Wu, Green Earrings, Haitian Divorce, FM, Josie, IGY, Peg, The Fez and more Listen
Stevie Wonder covers Stevie Wonder
This album features 6 Stevie Wonder re-works including Boogie On Reggae Woman, Higher Ground, I Wish, Tell Me Something Good and more Listen
Little Feat Little Feat
This album features Little Feat covers including Dixie Chicken, Willin' and Rock 'n' Roll Doctor Listen
Sting covers Sting
This album features my fave Sting re-works including Every Breath You Take, If you Love Somebody, Fields Of Gold, if I ever lose my faith in you and An Englishman in New York Listen
Isley Brothers Isley Brothers
This album features my fave Isley Brothers covers including harvest for the World, Summer Breeze and Between The Sheets Listen
George Benson covers George Benson
This album features my fave George Benson re-works including Breezin', On Broadway, and This Masquerade Listen
Beatles covers The Beatles
This album features Beatles re-works including Got to get you into my life, With a Little Help from my Friends, Revolution, Good day Sunshine, Come together and more Listen
Blue Notes Blue Notes
This 2019 album is a collection of jazz standard re-works celebrating the Blue Notes record label and includes All Blues, Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, Blue in Green, Footprints, Giant Steps, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Mo Better Blues,Take 5, This Masquerade, Waltz for Debbie, and Watermelon Man and Cantaloupe Island Listen
Herbie Hancock covers Herbie Hancock
This album is a collection of 8 Herbie Hancock re-works and includes Chameleon, Rockit, Maiden Voyage, Still Time, Watermelon Man, Cantaloupe Island and more Listen
Miles Davis Miles Davis
This album features 10 Miles Davis re-works including In a Silent Way, Tutu, All Blues, Blue In Green, Milestones, So What!, and more Listen
The Crusaders The Crusaders
This album features my Crusaders re-works including Chain Reaction, Spiral and Put It Where You Want It Listen
Yellowjackets covers Yellowjackets
This album features Yellowjackets re-works including Revelation, Matinee Idol and an original track in tribute Listen