Bluesy slow melodic orignal song featuring a spacey guitar solo download

What if Jimi and Miles Davis had collaborated in the 80's? It would sound modern for sure. Marcus Miller would be producer and playing bass. download

What if... Miles and Jimi collaborated on the classic Miles track "In a Silent Way"? Jimi could carry a tune, as proven by his rendition of "Star S... download

Restricted content - contains foul language and reference to drug abuse - another reason to like it! download

Benny and Tony Bluestone team up for a 'down and dirty' live version of the Stevie Wonder classic 'Superstition'. download

Musical Analysis of "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire download

Smooth melodic jazz blues guitar instrumental 80 bpm download

Ladies, here's a love song especially for you from my new collection of chilled love songs about relationships, breakups, cheating, romance and fee... download

Upbeat, original, pop song Credits: written, produced and all instruments performed by Benny Sutton copyright vocals Christian Erik download

16 bar blues in D major featuring slide guitar tuned to open G download

Blues rock song in E major, jam in C# pentatonic download

16 bar blues guitar groove jam in G Major in the style of Larry Carlton download

Cajun swamp music, New Orleans style, front line funk bounce beat, 90 bpm, E pentatonic country rock, The Meters download

Nasty modern Rock & Roll tune with a blues feel download

12 bar Blues in D Major Featuring a Gibson J-45 acoustic tuned to open D download

2019 REMIX feat Inna and Gary duet. Alan Corne on drums. I think this is one of my best tracks (top 5) SEE ALSO download

In 1975 Ben and Phil and Funky John AKA Inspector Lloyd signed with Fresh Air Records. This track was to be their debut single 'Whenever You're Rea... download

Absolutely nothing to do with Beatles track of the same name! It's dominated by a vocoder vocal complete with multi harmonies, it's amazing how tec... download

This track celebrates all those wonderful ladies out there! download

I was delighted and somewhat surprised to discover thought no one had written a song called 'good old fashioned rock and roll' so I thought I would. download