Rick Beato asks "Why are today's lyrics SO BAD!"

Rick Beato, every musician's brother from another mother, has done some analysis in his latest YouTube post about trends in lyrics.

He asks...

why are today's lyrics pathetically bad

I've watched it so you don't have to. Rick usually gets to the point but YouTubers are notorious for making overlong videos (view time is so important to the algorithm, and the YouTuber's pocket!).

So, I'll get to the point with a synopsis of Rick's conclusions...

Today's Lyrics are Crap

Rick wistfully reminisces about the good old days, when lyrics were poetry. Some artistes like Joni Mitchell, John Lennon and Bob Dylan (to name but a few) elevated lyricism to legendary heights.

Then came Rap.

In his last video on trends in music, which I have also covered, Rick points out Rap is in the decline. Unfortunately bad lyrics are cross genre and so there's still plenty more to go around!

Check out the video too...