How long have People been making music?

Well, of course pre-historic humans didn’t leave any recordings, so we don’t know what tunes they made but we have a fair idea from the archaeology.


Humans have been making music with primitive instruments for a significant portion of our history, likely long before the development of spoken language. Evidence suggests that early humans used various objects found in their environment, such as bones, sticks, rocks, and animal hides, to create rhythmic sounds and musical patterns.

Archaeological findings, including ancient bone flutes dating back tens of thousands of years, indicate that music-making has been an integral part of human culture since prehistoric times. These early musical instruments suggest that our ancestors had the ability to express themselves musically long before the development of complex spoken languages.


Music likely served important social, cultural, and even spiritual functions in early human societies, fostering social cohesion, communication, and emotional expression. While the exact purposes and meanings of early music may be difficult to ascertain, its presence in ancient human societies underscores its significance in human culture and evolution.