If you like Chaka Khan you’ll like this new R&B composition – it’s all about how a song becomes 'our song'. If you’re familiar with the classic jaz... download

The premiere record label for nu wave rock and fusion has just announced signing the J@zz Motherf*ckers to a new lifetime contract for a reputed e... more

Who was the genius behind Miles Davis return to form after years in the musical wilderness? Why Marcus Miller of course! download

Miles and Jimi were the 20th Century's greatest musicians in their fields: Rock and Jazz. This track is a pastiche of their classic grooves. It is ... download

What if Jimi and Miles Davis had collaborated in the 80's? It would sound modern for sure. Marcus Miller would be producer and playing bass. download

What if Jimi and Miles Davis played with Fire? Sparks would fly! I play or sequence all instruments on this pastiche in the style of Fire. download

The classic Jimi groove revisited with a Miles solo at the end. I play or sequence all instruments on this pastiche in the style of Hey Joe. download

If only Jimi had played on the Miles Davis 1986 album Tutu along with Marcus Miller. How brilliant that would be! download

If Jimi and Miles had done a track in the style of Purple Haze in the 80's, they would have embraced synthesisers and funk. By then Jimi would prob... download

What if... Miles and Jimi collaborated on the classic Miles track "In a Silent Way"? Jimi could carry a tune, as proven by his rendition of "Star S... download

The greatest ever collaboration that never happened. I play Jimi style over a pastiche of Mile's track 'Right off' from his album 'jack johnson' download

The title track from ¦Donald Fagen¦'s 1982 solo album. download

Musical Analysis of "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire download

Modern Jazz funk fusion groove as a tribute to Jacob Collier download

Funky jazz fusion original song with earworm synth bass line and fretless solo download

Modern Jazz Funk Groove in E Minor Pentatonic @ 120bpm. download

Cool Jazz fusion instrumental in the style of Herbie Hancock, Jacob Collier, Vulf with some Larry Carlton thrown in! download

There will never be another Miles Davis but, if in the last 60 years someone could be a contender for that crown, it must surely be Jacob Collier? more

Jazz died in the 60's. It deserved to. Everything that could be said by an acoustic quartet had been said. more

Absolutely nothing to do with Beatles track of the same name! It's dominated by a vocoder vocal complete with multi harmonies, it's amazing how tec... download