Jazz Motherfuckers sign record contract with StylePunk records!

The premiere record label for nu wave rock and fusion has just announced signing the J@zz Motherf*ckers to a new lifetime contract for a reputed eyewatering advance of $10,000,000!

Head of A&R Sly Weinstein dropped the news on their socials at 3am EST in his notorious questionable sense of humor

The J@zz muthas are the most exciting new band since Snarky Puppy 'left their kennels' I'm stoked to have secured this groundbreaking deal for StylePunk

The size of the advance has caused some controversy. J@zz Mutha spokesperson and marimba virtuoso Teddy 'Thumbs' Shakur commented…

size does matter

Asked about their name and why the @ in j@zz rather than the conventional spelling…

Look, everyone knows it's the kiss of death to use the 'J' word so we're using code. It's rad man, we don't even know what jazz is, it died before we were even born.

The average age of the band is 20 something signalling they could be The Future of Music

Weinstein confirmed that the new lifetime contract would be standard for all new signings. This new trend is controversial within the industry has been dubbed 'indentured slavery' by the Musician's Union who fear it may be widely adopted. All advances have to be repaid from earnings so may not be the windfall the band had hoped for.

Weinstein is renowned as the executive that turned down Taylor Swift whilst at Virgin records citing…

no rack and not a good fit

Tour Dates

The J@zz Motherfuckers will be touring Europe, the Far East and the US in the coming months. No dates or venues have yet been announced.

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