Miles and Jimi were the 20th Century's greatest musicians in their fields: Rock and Jazz. This track is a pastiche of their classic grooves. It is ... download

Modern Jazz funk fusion groove as a tribute to Jacob Collier download

Funky jazz fusion original song with earworm synth bass line and fretless solo download

Cool Jazz fusion instrumental in the style of Herbie Hancock, Jacob Collier, Vulf with some Larry Carlton thrown in! download

There will never be another Miles Davis but, if in the last 60 years someone could be a contender for that crown, it must surely be Jacob Collier? more

Jazz died in the 60's. It deserved to. Everything that could be said by an acoustic quartet had been said. more

A collection of Herbie Hancock re-works and includes Chameleon, Rockit, Maiden Voyage, Still Time, Watermelon Man and Cantaloupe Island download

This is my first ever guitar duet collaboration so who better to do it with than the immensely talented Dan Van Den Berg @danarchxI download

A Nu Fusion instrumental that has a bite. Rally to this one! download

This is based on an EWF groove thats a showcase for Omnisphere synth sounds - don't worry, there's a scorcher of a guitar solo too! download

Hear's a Nu fusion instrumental track you will dig! download

George Duke really had the groove down like no one else and the track Smiley Face took his 'it's on' from his After Hours album as a starting point. download

By Eddie Harris this Jazz Standard is a real foot tapper. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. From the Back To Basics album. download

I cannot believe that this track was written in the sixties, a great time for pop but a barren time for jazz. This was half a decade before jazz we... download

I'm very fond, as you are probably aware, of strong bass lines on piano and this one has a great one. I use NI's session horns extensively to carry... download

This track features my usual brand of mayhem and madness when covering jazz standards. I've underpinned it with a modern house beat that really ma... download

This track absorbs House and Elektro beats and doesn't blink! Blue Train is the second studio album by John Coltrane, released in 1958 on Blue Note... download

The classic Herbie Hancock jazz standard from his Headhunters era. My version features a Dubstep bass (along with the classic synth bass riff) download

A collection of Weather Report covers I have done includes Birdland, A remark you made, and Black Market download

This is the first original track that I have posted for a year. I'm back in Jazz Funk territory again with a tribute to Herbie Hancock's Headhunter... download

This was one of the breakout track when the album Red Baron was first released. Of course that had the late Tommy Bolin on, and Jan Hammer. It's a ... download

This album features my Miles Davis re-works including In a Silent Way, Tutu, and So What! download