Why do you hate the sound of your own voice?

Some people may not like the sound of their own voice when they hear it played back because it can sound different from what they expect. When we speak, we hear our own voices through a combination of sound conducted through our bones and air-conducted sound through our ears. This gives us a different perception of our voice compared to how it sounds when recorded and played back, which can be surprising or even unsettling for some people.

Why don't you like your recorded voice?

When you hear your voice recorded it sounds very different to how it sounds in your head. That's because your head has resonant air spaces; sinuses, mouth, and nasal cavities which makes it sound richer.

Also, when you record your voice you are hearing what it actually sounds like six inches away from your mouth i.e. the distance the microphone is away from you.

It can be a shock!

You've seen people on TV talent shows embarrassing themselves. They think they sound great! No one ever told them how bad they are.

improving your recorded voice


The first thing you can do to improve your recorded vocal is to experiment with different microphone distances, and learn which effects and EQ suit you.


If you still don't like the sound of your singing voice you can only improve it by doing three things. Practice, Practice, and Practice. I'm not talking 10,000 hours but regularly.