My version of this track is a mix of conventional interpretation and acid jazz! Milestones is one of Miles first forays into the developing modal j... download

My version of the the iconic Miles track. I think it has most beautiful melody line ever, written by Joe Zawinul. Complete with ¦Miles Davis¦' actu... download

A modern re-imagining for guitar of the Weather Report track from the Heavy Weather album. On it I take the melody line ¦Wayne Shorter¦ plays and I... download

An original composition and a collaboration with the talented Vocalatti on vocals. Another popular one on Soundcloud. download

My cover of the title track from Miles Davis Tutu album. Miles could play over any type of music from any era and make it sound great. Every decade... download

Here's one of my favourite Weather Report tracks. I bought it on Vinyl, cassette tape, and CD so the next logical step was to record it! download

Here's my respectful re-imagining of the Jazz standard "So What" by Miles Davis. download

"Deacon Blues," a track from Steely Dan's 1977 album “Aja”, is a quintessential example of the band's sophisticated style, blending jazz, rock, and... download

Rio Samba is one of Larry Carlton's seminal tracks. It was track number five on his first solo album and remains a firm favorite in his live sets. download

An album of guitar mayhem Featuring Mwah, Relentless, 3rd Stone, Dubstep blues, F-Bomb and more... download

A collection urban groove tracks including No Hangups, Dad Funk, Dresden, Earthwinds, Smile, Pussy Riot, Nightshadows and more... download

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of Human Nature off the Thriller album by Michael Jackson. Miles Davis also did a version so I dropped some mu... download

Off the Michael Jackson album 'Off The Wall'. When that album first came out (on vinyl) it was glued to my turntable! Musical and Lyrical Analysis... download

Who's Bad? Me? The classic track off the Thriller album done smooth jazz style. download

The classic Isley Brothers hit written by Seals and Crofts. You know Summer's here when this one gets airplay. Check out my other ¦Isley Brothers¦ ... download

Original track featuring Benny Sutton (guitars) and Michael Herndon (drums). You can guess from the name I was in Steely Dan mode when I created this! download

Classic EWF track. The first EWF track I ever heard and it blew my mind! download

Classic EWF track from the 1975 Gratitude album written by Maurice White and Al McKay download

This is a collaboration with two very talented, original, and distinctive artistes - Vocalatti on vocals and Mark Dorricott on keyboards. It got 13... download

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of the 1982 classic hit from the Thriller album. download

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of the Stevie Wonder classic off the Fullfillingness album. It was Stevie's golden era. download

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of the Stevie Wonder classic off the Fullfillingness album. It was ¦Stevie Wonder¦'s golden era. download

Here's my unplugged version of the classic Michael Jackson track from the Bad album. Written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett download

My version of the #1 Billboard hit from 1976 - off Songs in the Key of Life album. This was the golden era of music and especially so for ¦Stevie W... download