12 bar Blues in D Major Featuring a Gibson J-45 acoustic tuned to open D download

As if it wasn't hard enough for musicians to make a living gigging but currently tours and festivals are being cancelled at an unprecedented rate. more

As a songwriter you should have one (or more) royalty collection organisations collecting your royalties. I've been a member of the UK's Performin... more

First rule of music software - no one has a monopoly - all software has one good sound. More is therefore better, but what if you have to choose? more

2019 REMIX feat Inna and Gary duet. Alan Corne on drums. I think this is one of my best tracks (top 5) SEE ALSO https://open.spotify.com/artist/3DZ... download

In 1975 Ben and Phil and Funky John AKA Inspector Lloyd signed with Fresh Air Records. This track was to be their debut single 'Whenever You're Rea... download

I watched Paul McCartney's set At Glastonbury Festival last night, along with my 17 year old son. If that surprises you, then I should point out th... more

There will never be another Miles Davis but, if in the last 60 years someone could be a contender for that crown, it must surely be Jacob Collier? more

Naturally, choosing the world's #1 guitar solo is a controversial subject. more

Jazz died in the 60's. It deserved to. Everything that could be said by an acoustic quartet had been said. more

How to fake your way through a recording session. Every term related to recording you need to look cool is here. more

You might think, not unreasonably, that if you post something really good to YouTube (quantifiably better than the top viewed comparable video) you... more

All of my songs were written back in the 1970s and 80's - and it occurred to me that might make them more attractive to publishers or a record comp... more

FC Barcelona have announced a new sponsorship deal with music streaming giant Spotify. more

The ultimate romantic song. If you like a sentimental pop ballad you’ll love this. It’s all about about a Christmas marriage proposal! download

A song about life, love and the universe! – given a modern, nuanced big Diva treatment by the talented Samantha Blanchard on vocals. download

Old school, four on the floor funk! Partay! 2020 remix download

Absolutely nothing to do with Beatles track of the same name! It's dominated by a vocoder vocal complete with multi harmonies, it's amazing how tec... download

A psychedelic groove featuring Samantha B on vocals download

Soundcloud’s #1 R&B track in 2015 with 180K+ plays – features the superbly talented Vocalatti on vocals and a keyboard solo from top Soundcloud key... download

Here's a country rock tune , complete with virtual steel guitar. Yeeha cowpokes! download

This track celebrates all those wonderful ladies out there! download

I consider this to be arguably my most commercial pop tune? download