Don't you just hate online companies that misrepresent themselves to sign you up then make it as hard as possible to contact them? more

An original song written, produced and arranged by Benny Sutton download

The title track from the 2nd Steely Dan album of the same name. download

I'm jamming to the backing track, I thought guitarists might find this interesting download

Benny and Tony Bluestone team up for a 'down and dirty' live version of the Stevie Wonder classic 'Superstition'. download

This 2023 cover of Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell Features the hugely talented Vocalatti. download

The title track from ¦Donald Fagen¦'s 1982 solo album. download

Musical Analysis of "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire download

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Singing Voice Conversion (SVC) uses technology to convert the singing voice of one singer to that of another. more

Why are you not getting paid royalties by YouTube when you have loads of views? more

Classic retro pop ballad in the AOR genre (Adult Oriented Rock). This original tune has an unusual time signature of 6/8 download

Classic Retro pop song sexy with harmony guitar solo 110 bpm in F Major download

Have you had a bad experience with Ditto Music and what can you do about it? more

classic Atlantic soul instrumental originally by the Average White Band in a new modern arrangement with a house beat. download

the third single from his sixteenth studio album, Innervisions (1973). It reached number 16 on the Billboard Pop Singles download

Musical Analysis of "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder download

An ambient dance groove featuring Samantha B on vocals download