OK, I'll stick my hands up! I went a bit OTT with the guitar on this one! Watch out Eddie Van Halen, the jazz guy's got overdrive too! download

I'd had this track in mind for some time but couldn't see how to approach it - until I actually did! It's another great jazz standard with that str... download

I struggled with this track for some time. All the versions I'd heard before didn't really grab me. I knew I should like it but couldn't get a hand... download

This track features my usual brand of mayhem and madness when covering jazz standards. I've underpinned it with a modern house beat that really ma... download

I tackle this jazz standard by Charlie Parker with my first Big Band arrangement! The lush horn section chords on sound very contemporary and I can... download

This track absorbs House and Elektro beats and doesn't blink! Blue Train is the second studio album by John Coltrane, released in 1958 on Blue Note... download

This is from One on One a smooth jazz, crossover jazz studio album by Bob James and Earl Klugh. This album earned the two artists the Grammy award ... download

I have to admit to not being a Pat Metheny fan. Not that I don't rate him, I just don't know much about him. When I heard this track I just knew I ... download

We all like music that swings, this one introduced the world to the notion of swing and presaged the swing era by three years. I keep close to the ... download

I give this track the full jazz House makeover and it is a testament to it's longevity that it sound comfortable with a 'modern' treatment. I give ... download

On this track I indulge my usual inclination to do something rebellious when playing jazz standards. There's House, Techno and Elektro beats pushin... download

This track is by Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny is a Latin/smooth jazz piece. The horn section is the major feature here. It’s a crowd favorite th... download

This album 'Blue Notes' celebrates the pioneering Jazz record label, Blue Note Records. Not all the tracks made it onto the Blue Note catalogue yet... download

I've had this track on the back burner for years. It's such a brilliant track and I wanted to do it justice so it has gone through a number of vers... download

This is another Sting song I play mostly on guitar but hand over the chorus to trumpet. Don't miss the use of the "whammy bar" on the solo! download

This is another Sting song I use an unusual instrumentation on, with fretless bass doing all the heavy lifting on both the main melodies and then t... download

Everyone loves a wistful ballad and this is one of the best. Sting has written several landmark tracks and this one must be up there in the top thr... download

This is one of Sting's classic tracks with a lyrical sentiment; if you love someone set them free. My version is an instrumental so concentrates on... download

John Coltrane, the saxophonist, is another influential Blue Note Artiste. He was certainly a virtuoso player. This track is notoriously difficult t... download

I've always loved this track by Bill Evans. Bill, as far as I can tell, never recorded his own material on Blue Note but I think he may well have d... download

My version of Footprints is very modern and could have been written yesterday, not 1996 when it first appeared. download

Devian Zikri's arrangement updates the bossa nova beat of this Latin Jazz standard. Don't miss the drum solo at 3 minutes 10 seconds. Blue Bossa is... download