Country soft rock, California clean sounding, A Major @ 120 bpm. download

Ladies, here's a love song especially for you from my new collection of chilled love songs about relationships, breakups, cheating, romance and fee... download

Classic 60's Retro pop song, ear candy download

Classic 60's Retro pop song, ear candy ~Credits:~ download

Modern R&B pop song in the style of Joe, Justin Bieber. download

Country Pop Rock original song romantic download

Upbeat, original, pop song Credits: written, produced and all instruments performed by Benny Sutton copyright vocals Christian Erik download

Modern Jazz funk fusion groove as a tribute to Jacob Collier download

Funky jazz fusion original song with earworm synth bass line and fretless solo download

Modern Jazz Funk Groove in E Minor Pentatonic @ 120bpm. download

Cool Jazz fusion instrumental in the style of Herbie Hancock, Jacob Collier, Vulf with some Larry Carlton thrown in! download

16 bar blues in D major featuring slide guitar tuned to open G download

Blues rock song in E major, jam in C# pentatonic download

16 bar blues guitar groove jam in G Major in the style of Larry Carlton download

Cajun swamp music, New Orleans style, front line funk bounce beat, 90 bpm, E pentatonic country rock, The Meters download

Nasty modern Rock & Roll tune with a blues feel download

12 bar Blues in D Major Featuring a Gibson J-45 acoustic tuned to open D download

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