Jimi Meets Miles #13 In a Silent Way

Jimi Meets Miles #13 In a Silent Way
July 2016

What if... Miles and Jimi collaborated on the classic Miles track "In a Silent Way"? Jimi could carry a tune, as proven by his rendition of "Star Spangled Banner". The melody to "In a Silent Way" is a lot tougher than that, mainly because it is really slow and stops/starts throughout. However, I have no doubt Jimi would excel on it. I speculate their version would not be a million miles away from this.
This track known as "In a Silent Way" was off the Miles Davis album of that name and is actually called "It's about Time". It was written by Joe Zawinul (later of Weather Report). I play or sequence all instruments on this pastiche in the style of In a Silent Way.


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