There's been a lot of interest in the latest Beatles track featuring an Ai John Lennon.

Is this Christmas song a new John Lennon original from a 'lost tape' like the Beatles single 'Now and Then'?

Of course not, but it does sound like it could be. I wrote it and sang it. I then used the same tech on 'Now and Then' to make the vocal sound like John Lennon's voice. I concede it does raises the question...

Is it ethical to use an Ai voice?

Musicians have been copying each other's styles as long as there have been musicians

The Beatles themselves openly admit copying their heroes of American Rock and Roll - good job they did!

AI is just the new way to do that.

The battle for who controls Ai

Legally, there's nothing to stop you applying a voice model to your vocal but the record companies are lobbying hard to change this - in their favour of course.

As musicians we should resist the industry fat cats taking control of new technology.

If we don't then what next, a ban on Elvis impersonators?

It's OK for Paul McCartney to use Ai, so why not everyone?

John didn't write this track, nor did he sing on it - I did

If it's not disrespectful then where's the harm?

John was a peace activist so as long as the vibe is positive then why not? After all John said…

all you need is love

What do you think?

Let me know