Don't use Distrokid to upload your music to Spotify - they Suck

Don't you just hate online companies that misrepresent themselves to sign you up then make it as hard as possible to contact them?
I know, it's what we expect these days from tech companies - but that doesn't mean it's right.
I was fooled into taking a subscription with Distro Kid to distribute my music to Spotify.
The first time I used them I learned of additional charges to 'clear' any covers I would upload - they didn't divulge that before I joined.
I also learned that I had to pay ongoing charges annually otherwise my music would be deleted from Spotify.
I call that blackmail.
I tried many times to contact them and cancel but, you guessed it, I got zero response.
Companies like Distrokid may seem cheap and their fee is small. Is that a deliberate ploy to play on your apathy?
It doesn't seem worth the effort for such a small amount.
Hell no
I'm sick and tired of companies exploiting vulnerable musicians who can ill afford even small fees for services.
Fearing they would take a second year from me (for doing absolutely nothing) I persevered and found this link to cancel.
I gave them a sting reason why I wanted a refund including a link to this blog - let's see how they like that!
Date: December 2023 last updated December 2023
Genre: Promotion Industry       Benny Sutton
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