Benny Sutton

I’m Ben. This is my website. Built by a Muso, for Muso’s. I’m a hobby musician, just like you. I know what you want. Like you, I am seeking the Zen of music through my main instrument, the guitar. I hope you find part of the breadcrumb trail to musical enlightenment here!

My musical career started, and ended, in the 1970’s. Now I’m just like you, a musician who finds joy from making music.

I have solid followings on SoundCloud and YouTube for my Jimi Meets Miles concept albums, but I also love the form of the popular song.

Stoking the star maker machinery behind the popular song

I write, produce, and play all instruments on my recordings. My second instrument is keyboards and play horns, strings, pianos, and more through VST instruments like Omnisphere.

This website is where you can hear, and download, all the good stuff.

Songs: Jimi Meets Miles, My Funky Valentine

Gear: Ovation Breadwinner   Ibanez LGB30   Blackstar amplifier   

Check out the video too...