Best ever version of Stevie Wonder Superstition LIVE ever!
Best ever version of Stevie Wonder Superstition LIVE ever!

If you are trying to establish your own music channel on YouTube this analysis of the most subscribed music channels in 2024 might be of interest.

The list is not as predictable as you might think. It does not mirror the music streaming sales charts. Yes, there are some familiar names but also a few surprises.

#1Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes!

Yes, nursery rhymes are music too and any parent knows the value of pacifying a screaming brat!

117 Million Subscribers

#2India’s biggest music company

This reminds us that music is worldwide so it makes sense that the most populous countries will have more music fans. Zee Music has loads of artistes that we’ve never heard of in the West.

Check out the new Spotify India music chart

76 Million Subscribers

#3Justin Bieber

Predictable that the teenage girl heartthrob would be the top ‘artiste’. Take a look at his position in the US music chart

65 Million Subscribers

#4 Canal KondZilla

Allan Costa Morel better known online as Canal KondZilla is a Brazillian music producer. I haven't heard of him either, but this is a global chart and Brazil is another populous country. Here are the latest Spotify Brasillian music charts

64 Million Subscribers

#5 BTS

K-Pop’s finest

BANGTANTV is a South Korean YouTube channel of the South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys.

57 Million Subscribers

#6 Ariana Grande

Teenage girls love her. You've got to admire her. She's pint sized with a huge voice. Her career could have been destroyed by the Manchester bombing but she came back admirably.

49 Million Subscribers

The rest of the Most Subscribed YouTube Music Channels





Ed Sheeran



Katy Perry






Trap Music






David Guetta Vevo






Ariande Grande Vevo






Sam Smith








Some interesting observations…

One interesting fact is that a massive 21 of the top 100 (21%) are Vevo channels. Some Vevo channels are in addition to the artiste’s main channel. Perhaps it is worth paying to get on Vevo?

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