Don’t try promoting your band online until you read this

Online articles on other websites are important and do help with your music website ranking.

Here’s a counter intuitive marketing strategy for musicians and bands seeking to place self-generated content on other websites.

You should be going out there trying to get not just digital and ink coverage with the big players, but you should also be trying to get the local newspapers. You should get whatever you can.

Everyone focuses on Rolling Stone magazine and NME but they are the hardest to get and take the longest. You'll be shocked at how little traffic they drive because Rolling Stone magazine and NME have so many sections. Although they get millions of views, unless you're featured on the homepage, your articles won’t be seen by that many people.


Think small, promote big

So, when you get on the micro sites of local newspapers, you’re more likely to be seen because they're not producing as much content. They're much more likely to showcase you on the major category pages or on the homepage, so I would recommend going for those smaller sites first and then eventually have extra time go up to the larger one.