Apple's RSS music feeds?

Where did Apple Music/iTunes RSS chart feeds go in September?

You could expect to find Apple Music/iTunes RSS chart feeds on this page click here

It was a valuable resource for everyone who wanted to keep up with the Apple music charts

But then they disappeared for a month!

I used the feeds to provide those charts for my users, something I would think valuable to Apple - in that it provided backlinks directly into their catalogue.

Don't they believe in charts anymore? Or do they just suck? They will never be number one music streaming provider if they keep ditching such resources.

Music fans all over the world will now be experiencing a blackout in their RSS feed readers because of this. Who knows how many?

Are the Apple Music/iTunes RSS chart feeds back for good?

I contacted their Technical Support team, which like all these big global multinationals was something of a challenge to find any real person to speak to. That was a week ago and I have yet to have a reply so I can only conclude that they are completely inefficient and no responsive to technical faults hold this was a deliberate decision.

By the way Apple, I have now removed the pages fed from that feeds and instead use Spotify charts - another company I am loathe to deal with (due to their total lack of respect for musicians).

The days of the little independent music store are over and will never return. The link between musician and audience has been severed by the corporate middleman whose bottom line is their profits not musicians welfare.

It is a sad tragedy that falls on deaf ears in those corporations - they will continue to exploit grassroots musicians until there are none left.


They are still back! Perhaps someone was listening?