The J@zz Motherfuckers

The J@zz Motherfuckers occupy the vacuum left by the death of Jazz. They are a collective of like-minded musicians operating inside the same musicverse as Snarky Puppy.

Forget Snarky Puppy, The J@zz Motherfuckers are here! Unlike Snarky Puppy they are not mostly millennials, all cohorts are contributing. The JMF’s are from all over the World, and haven’t even met each other in person, let alone tour together. Yet.

The J@zz Motherfuckers only collaborate online, openly on platforms like SoundCloud, and secretly through Dropbox.

In that respect the J@zz Motherfuckers are like Banksy, anonymous and unknowable.

Only the musicians exist, and they could be devoid of pronouns, not he, she - or may not even be (human). Alien, Ai, or virtual?

Perhaps an algorithm – a sample – a hive mind? Who knows?

Miles Davis said…

Anyone can play a note, it’s the attitude of the motherfucker who plays it that is 90%

The Sound

Contrary to what the name of this band suggests, The J@zz Motherfuckers have very little to do with Jazz.

The music is highly improvisational, often structured with a head, or several heads, and therefore defies easy definition or musical analysis.

This is next generation improvised music for discerning listeners jaded by modern template audio.

This music has more in common with nu artistes like Jacob Collier, striving for new sounds and structures. It is quirky, surreal, populist, and not genre limited.

The choice of band name is a deliberately provocative one. If you are, how can I put this, of a younger persuasion and familiar with collectives like Snarky Puppy or Vulfpeck, you won’t blink. This is Gen Z music and they might never have even heard Jazz!

If you seek nutritious music and instinctively yearn for the cool… that is the lost channel in your psyche The J@zz Motherfuckers aim to re-open.

Nu Miles Davis says,

This is what real Miles would be playing now - get over it MuthaFuckahs!

Songs: snap, elastic plastic