ASP.NET Open Source ImageGallery

Are you a .net developer looking for image gallery source code to build an application on? This is for you!

Be it a photo contest, photo library, e-commerce store, social media blog – whatever you want to end up with that displays images on your website you face the same workflow.

  1. Uploading Images
  2. Processing Images on the Server
  3. Displaying the uploaded images to the client

Each of the above steps comes with its own set of problems. Some issues you will already know (or suspect), others you will only find out about along the way.

I’ve 20+ years’ experience writing and running some very popular photo contests and photo libraries. I’ve already made the mistakes – so you don’t have to!

I’d like to share my experience with you, and open source a brand-new rewrite (to MVC and Core) of already mature code.

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