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Benny Sutton Plays Little Feat
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My fave Little Feat tracks
Little Feat / Pop Country Rock ©2017
Benny Sutton Plays Sting
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My fave Sting Tracks
Sting / Pop R&B Chart ©2015
A Night In Tunisia
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I'd had this track in mind for some time but couldn't see how to approach it - until I actually did! It's another great jazz standard with that strong piano bass line. I put a House beat over the top, keeping the acoustic drums. I gave up on the guitar playing the main melody line, opting for synth instead. The solo fell into place quite naturally and, a couple of mixing hours later, it was done. Well as far as any track is done - they say you never finish a track, you just stop working on it! "A Night in Tunisia" or "Night in Tunisia" is a musical composition written by Dizzy Gillespie circa 1941-2 while Gillespie was playing with the Benny Carter Band.
Dizzy Gillespie / Jazz Standards ©2016
Early AM
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Dave Grusin / Lee Ritenour Early A.M. Attitude Composed by Dave Grusin
Dave Grusin / smooth jazz ©2015
Billie Jean
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Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of the 1982 classic hit from the Thriller album.
Michael Jackson / Smooth Jazz ©2014
Higher Ground
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Stevie wrote this track lyrically about reincarnation after a near fatal accident left him in a coma. Fortunately he survived and released the track on his seminal 1973 album 'Innervisions'
Stevie Wonder / jazz funk ©2015
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Here's my unplugged version of the classic Michael Jackson track from the Bad album. Written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett
Michael Jackson / Smooth Jazz ©2015
Chain Lightning
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Here I've arranged the horns to take the main role on what is ostensibly a 12 bar. The guitar is left to do the improvisation, keeping it slow and buesey. This is yet another Steely Dan track that is timeless. on they say Chain Lightning is a simple 12 bar blues tune that has a swampy twang to it. This blues-ey track has an almost burlesque feel to it and if you close your eyes while listening to it, you can imagine that you are inside of a nineteen fifties vintage strip club with the requisite drummer performing while the strippers are doing their thing.
Becker Fagen / jazz pop rock ©2015
The Fez
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If you don't know what a Fez is, it's a Moroccan hat worn popularly by comedic characters; Tommy "just like that" Cooper (UK) and Groucho Marx was apt to wear one in his more sartorial moments! This is the only Steely Dan song with a third credited writer, Paul Griffin, who also plays organ on the original song. On a BBC Online chat March 4, 2000, Donald Fagen said, "The Fez was recorded using a rhythm chart but there were a few bars missing and Paul Griffin, the keyboard player on the day, came up with a nice little melody, so we felt we should include him in the writer credits." It originally appeared on the 1976 Royal Scam album.
Becker Fagen / jazz pop rock ©2015
Kid Charlemagne
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This track features THAT guitar solo. It is rated by many as one of the top ten guitar solos of all time. The original guitarist on the record, Larry Carlton, pulled a real classic out of the bag and I kept putting off doing this track because I knew I had to recreate it note for note. It is such an integral part of the track I couldn't possibly just do my own solo, I had to do my version of it. I did it pretty much note for note but, I hope, in my own inimitable style. What makes it so good? It's a text book case of good taste and technique on a par with Mozart. The musical theory is impeccable, Larry constructed it using impressive arpeggios of the many complex chords. He runs up and down scales thinking out of the box by inserting ridiculously chosen passing notes that just shouldn't work.
Becker Fagen / jazz pop rock ©2015