This collection was recorded after a 20 year break from music and recaptured my song writing Mojo! I used a number of vocalists AJ Lewis, Gary King, Inna Walters, Laura J to name but a few.

  1. Smile    Smile by
  2. Smile    Smile by
  3. Hold On by Benny Sutton    Hold On by Benny Sutton by
  4. Fit So Tight by Benny Sutton    Fit So Tight by Benny Sutton by
  5. In Your Eyes by Benny Sutton    In Your Eyes by Benny Sutton by
  6. Big Girls Don't Cry by Benny Sutton    Big Girls Don't Cry by Benny... by
  7. Don't Stop by Benny Sutton    Don't Stop by Benny Sutton by
  8. Don't Want To Be Lonely by Benny Sutton    Don't Want To Be Lonely by B... by