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Bluesman aspires to be the first major modern Blues album since the Brit Blues boom of the 1960's

It's a reboot, reinventing the Blues whilst respecting the tradition. It's an update to the genre, more melodic, crossing over into jazz and funk effortlessly.

The album is as musically related to smooth jazz as it is to the Blues, with upper triad chords you don't expect but just sound well...right.

It aims for high production values with the same sensibilities as audiophile legends Steely Dan.

"Everything comes from the Blues" Donald Fagan, Steely Dan

It is a guitar-based album featuring a solo on every track from Benny Sutton reflecting Ben's diverse influences from Hendrix to Larry Carlton. This includes balls out Rock and Roll mayhem to subtle, more melodic pieces.

Some quotes left on Benny's Soundcloud account, which has over 1.2 million plays…

Credits: all instruments Benny Sutton. Feat Gary Argent on drums and the BluesMen horn section. All vocals by Benny except on Whenever You're Ready by Christian Erik

"The album I would have made in the 70's if I had had Cubase back then" Benny
  1. Cold Coffee and Cigarettes - blues track    Cold Coffee and Cigarettes - blu... by
  2. Bad Girls - blues track    Bad Girls - blues track by
  3. Born Under a Bad, Bad Sign - blues track    Born Under a Bad, Bad Sign - blu... by
  4. Steely Jam Blues - blues track by Benny Sutton    Steely Jam Blues - blues track b... by
  5. Say My Name - blues track by Benny Sutton    Say My Name - blues track by Ben... by
  6. Backdoor Man superb version    Backdoor Man superb version by
  7. Crossroads - blues track    Crossroads - blues track by
  8. Whenever You’re Ready by Inspector Lloyd    Whenever You’re Ready by Inspect... by

BluesMan Album Liner Notes

Whenever You’re Ready

In 1975 Ben and Phil and Funky John AKA Inspector Lloyd signed with Fresh Air Records. This track was to be their debut single 'Whenever You're Ready'.

The original tapes were lost to the mists of time this is a brand-new cover version to mark the 50th Anniversary. The guys are still in touch so, who knows, maybe they will come back for a world tour next year?


Closely related to "Cross Road Blues " but is not the Robert Johnson classic rather a new, original blues composition by Benny Sutton.

Guitar afficionados, if you want to skip to the good stuff, there are two guitar solos…

It's a 16 bar in A - great to jam along to if you too are a guitarist.

Backdoor Man

Nothing to do with the Blues original (by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin' Wolf in 1960, also famously performed by the Doors on their debut album).

The term ‘backdoor man’ in a blues context refers to extramarital (and other) affairs conducted by sneaking in the back door whilst the husband’s away - though in a modern context could refer to backdoor virgins. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

There’s a guitar solo that will leave you with a nosebleed at 50 seconds on this one!

Say My Name

'Say my name' is easy listening, clean blues with a story.

At first you might think this is about being a famous rock star. It is not!

It's about the likes of Bernie Madoff, the scumbag who 'made off' with his investors' savings!

'Say my name' is dedicated to scammers everywhere - may you pay for your crimes - even if you probably won't. The blues is the ideal vehicle to complain when there is no justice, no consequences.

Guitar afficionados, you can skip to the guitar solo @ 48 seconds which showcases a nice clean-tone solo, much harder to pull off than hiding behind the fuzz pedal!

"Everything comes from the Blues" Donald Fagan, Steely Dan

Steely Jam Blues

This instrumental track, whilst a 12 bar, is also rooted in the style of smooth jazz blues that Larry Carlton did in the 80’s.

A very clean-tone guitar plays the ‘head’ and follows with a funky lower register solo (1 minute) before moving on to a psychedelic synth solo (2 minutes) and the Cotswold Horns play us out (3 minutes).

Born Under a Bad, Bad Sign

This has nothing to do with Born Under a Bad Sign, the famous Albert Lee album or the Cream track of the same name (by Booker T. Jones, William Bell).

This is about a gambler who is such a loser he needs to say bad twice to express his luck!

The guitar solo is early, at 45 seconds, and succinct.

Bad Girl Blues

Bad Girl Blues is a 60’s psychedelic blues complete with sitar and modal melodies.

The lyric celebrates all those bad girls out there who keep you on your toes by rocking your world!

The anarchic guitar solo (1 minute 20) is very 1960’s, setting up a chromatic synth solo before a reprise.

Cold Coffee and Cigarettes

Cold Coffee and Cigarettes is a Blues groove with electric piano and organ. It features two lead guitars on the solo and even slips into some harmony guitar parts in places.