Ben's Top Ten Songs

I've written songs for as long as I've played guitar - 40 years!

I was fortunate that I was in the cohort after the Beatles, who had established that bands can, and should, write their own songs.

I've retained the appreciation for the form of the popular song, which hasn't changed that much over the years.

I think the best songs are written in twenty minutes and most of these were. I do love how a song evolves as you record it and I've always respected letting the song take me where it wants to go.

I'm fortunate to have had some great singers perform my songs. The singer will always make a contribution to the final product.

Singers perfoming here include...

These are my pick of the best I have written.

My list

  1. Smile! by Benny SuttonSmile! by Benny Sutton    
  2. My Funky Valentine by Benny SuttonMy Funky Valentine by Benny Sutton    
  3. Afterglow by Benny SuttonAfterglow by Benny Sutton    
  4. Japanese GirlJapanese Girl    
  5. Speak by Benny SuttonSpeak by Benny Sutton    
  6. Groove Tonite by Benny SuttonGroove Tonite by Benny Sutton    
  7. Crazy Lovin' by Benny SuttonCrazy Lovin' by Benny Sutton    
  8. Take me to your OceanTake me to your Ocean    
  9. Truck Stop Girl by Benny SuttonTruck Stop Girl by Benny Sutton    
  10. Starry, starry night by Benny SuttonStarry, starry night by Benny Sutton