The Immutable Laws of Music Marketing

The Immutable Laws of Music Marketing.

I took niche photo website to market leader and kept it #1 on all SERPs (serch engine results pages) for 18 years.

Want to know how?

I followed or just unwittingly complied with several of the following ‘laws’ of marketing.

I see no reason why these laws are any less relevant to musicians. In fact, I’ve proved it. I’m doubling my traffic every 5-8 months for my niche guitarist website.

I’m not young or good looking. My knowledge of pop culture post 1990’s is sketchy at best. But I’m getting 1,000’s of visitors a day on a guitar site – that’s crazy!

This is not an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tutorial for your website, marketing is something else altogether, the scope is much broader. It's about building your brand.

These are the most fundamental laws, the proven strategies rather than the tactics, that you need to understand and incorporate into your efforts to successfully launch your career in the music business.

Who Should read this?

The laws are not as applicable if your focus is to be an employee but may still be useful.

How would you like to turn the odds in your favour? Better still, how would you like to do it for free?

You’ve gotten this far; you might as well go all the way. This is the definitive text on music marketing.

Here we go…