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Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis Collaboration ALBUM
Download Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis Collaboration ALBUM
the complete album; If 6 were 9, Foxy Ladies, Voodoo Chiled, In a Silent Way, Purple Hazed, Tutus, Hey Joe, Castle Made of Sand, Big time, So What?, Little Wings, Fires, Third Stoned from the Sun, Right Off
/ Jazz Rock ©2016
Benny Sutton plays Michael Jackson
Download Benny Sutton plays Michael Jackson
This album features my Michael Jackson re-works including Bad, Billie Jean, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Human Nature, Man In The Mirror and Thriller
Michael Jackson / jazz/pop/rock/R&B ©2015
Benny Sutton plays Steely Dan
Download Benny Sutton plays Steely Dan
This album features my Steely Dan re-works including Black Friday, Deacon Blues, Josie and Peg
Becker/Fagen / jazz/pop/rock ©2015
All Funked Up (album)
Download All Funked Up (album)
A collection of dance/disco tracks recorded in the 1980's remixed 2012. Musicians: Benny, Luke Tunney (Horns) Rom Parol (drums) Lyn Edmenson (Bass) Bernie and Maurice (Vocals) ©
Benny Sutton / Funk ©2014
Blue Notes (album)
Download Blue Notes (album)
This album 'Blue Notes' celebrates the pioneering Jazz record label, Blue Note Records. Not all the tracks made it onto the Blue Note catalogue yet none would exist without the space Blue Note created for Jazz to evolve. Even if the track was on another album the original artists depped for Blue Note sessions at one time or another. Such was its influence in the jazz sphere. I have tried to respect the originals but update them to be relevant 50 years after first release. Jazz must move on or die so I have done some crazy things like adding modern hip hop beats, jumping genres across blues, rock, funk and acid jazz. I've used electric instruments and effects not available to the original artists. Some purists might call it sacrilege but to them I say the phrase Miles coined - So What!
various / jazz standards ©2015
Benny Sutton plays Earth, Wind and Fire
Download Benny Sutton plays Earth, Wind and Fire
This album features Earth Wind and Fire covers including September, Boogie Wonderland, Let's Groove, Sing a Song, After the Love has Gone, Got to get you into my life and a really smooth jazz version of That's The Way of the World
EWF / jazz/pop/rock/R&B ©2015
Relentless (album)
Download Relentless (album)
An album of guitar mayhem Featuring Mwah, Relentless, 3rd Stone, Dubstep blues, F-Bomb and more...
Benny Sutton / Guitar Mayhem ©2014
Thrills and Chills (album)
Download Thrills and Chills (album)
A collection urban groove tracks including No Hangups, Dad Funk, Dresden, Earthwinds, Smile, Pussy Riot, Nightshadows and more...
Benny Sutton / Urban Groove ©2014
String Theory (album)
Download String Theory (album)
A collection of smooth jazz tracks
Benny Sutton / Smooth Jazz ©2014
Smile (album)
Download Smile (album)
A collection of vocal tracks
Benny Sutton / Pop/rock/R&B ©2014