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September (2015)

New version of the classic Earth, Wind & Fire track. It's a lot more like the original. LATEST OF 2 VERSIONS

Seven Steps To Heaven

This track features my usual brand of mayhem and madness when covering jazz standards. I've underpinned it with a modern house beat that really makes it swing. Originally a 1963 jazz composition by the English jazz pianist Victor Feldman and the jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. It's a popular choice with drummers because it features many stops where drum fills can be, and are, unleashed!

Shaky Ground

A blues/funk track.

She's Out of my Life

MJ did such a great job of this track. Remember how his voice breaks down at the end? To do this justice you need that same emotional investment. I'm not sure I could take it as far as him but, for nylon strings, this is as expressive as I dared! DYK It was not written by MJ but by American songwriter Tom Bahler. Jackson's version was released as the fourth single from his 1979 album Off the Wall. It peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the first time any solo artist had ever achieved four Top 10 hits from one album.

Shine On

My fave 80's ballad with a guitar solo played on a 100W marshall stack. Musicians: Benny, Luke Tunney (Horns) Rom Parol (drums) Lyn Edmenson (Bass) Bernie and Maurice (Vocals) ©

Shining Star

Classic EWF track. The first EWF track I ever heard and it blew my mind!

Sing a Song

Classic EWF Off the 1975 Gratitude album written by Maurice White and Al McKay

Slip Sliding Along

This one gets very 'heavy' not very 'umble!


FEMALE VOCAL VERSION feat Inna. I think this is my best songwriting, which is why I've done three mixes of it. One male vocal, one famale vocal and one as a duet!

Smile (album)

A collection of vocal tracks

Smile (duet)

Re-recorded version. feat Inna and Gary duet. Alan Corne on drums. I think this is my best songwriting, which is why I've done three mixes of it. One male vocal, one famale vocal and one as a duet!

Smooth Criminal

This was one of the MTV breakout tracks for MJ, one of the first to combine R&B with rock and pop. Previously conventional wisdom kept the two apart and made MTV a dull rock channel. MJ changed all that for good!

So What

Here's my respectful re-imagining of the Jazz standard "So What" by Miles Davis.

Song For Bilbao

This track is by Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny is a Latin/smooth jazz piece. The horn section is the major feature here. It’s a crowd favorite that seems to well within the jazz tradition even though it can be done with almost a rock groove

Soundtrack to Itopia (Part 1)

Closest I have got to writing a movie soundtrack! This is all keyboards, no guitar!


Classic Crusaders groove. Great (and uncomplicated) to play over. I went for fell on the solo, not technical perfection.

Stay With Me

My instrumental version of the 2015 Sam Smith hit

Still Time

The classic Herbie Hancock jazz standard that featured on the soundtrack to the 'Round Midnight movie..

String Theory (album)

A collection of smooth jazz tracks

Stupid Toothpaste

21st century Funk with a jazz fusion groove. featuring Alan Corne on drums
248   songs found: Page 11  of  13