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Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis Collaboration ALBUM

the complete album; If 6 were 9, Foxy Ladies, Voodoo Chiled, In a Silent Way, Purple Hazed, Tutus, Hey Joe, Castle Made of Sand, Big time, So What?, Little Wings, Fires, Third Stoned from the Sun, Right Off

Joe's Town

A tribute to the late, great keyboard player from Weather Report, Joe Sample. It's an early effort so needs a remix but the fretless bass still sounds sweet.


'Josie' is another Steely Dan classic off the 1977 album 'Aja'. Often played by my guitar hero, Larry Carlton, on his live sets. Classic Steely Dan intro.


This is from One on One a smooth jazz, crossover jazz studio album by Bob James and Earl Klugh. This album earned the two artists the Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1981

Keep Dancin'

My ultimate 80's dance groove. Musicians: Benny, Luke Tunney (Horns) Rom Parol (drums) Lyn Edmenson (Bass) Bernie and Maurice (Vocals) © Only Recorded on 8 track so the sound is not so good but has some great performances so is well worth a listen just for the vibe.

Keep on, Keepin' on

A blues/funk track featuring AJ Lewis on vocals. I use the voice box on the first solo and slide on the second one.

Kid Charlemagne

This track features THAT guitar solo. It is rated by many as one of the top ten guitar solos of all time. The original guitarist on the record, Larry Carlton, pulled a real classic out of the bag and I kept putting off doing this track because I knew I had to recreate it note for note. It is such an integral part of the track I couldn't possibly just do my own solo, I had to do my version of it. I did it pretty much note for note but, I hope, in my own inimitable style. What makes it so good? It's a text book case of good taste and technique on a par with Mozart. The musical theory is impeccable, Larry constructed it using impressive arpeggios of the many complex chords. He runs up and down scales thinking out of the box by inserting ridiculously chosen passing notes that just shouldn't work.


My ultimate 80's dance groove. Musicians: Benny, Luke Tunney (Horns) Rom Parol (drums) Lyn Edmenson (Bass) Bernie and Maurice (Vocals) © Only Recorded on 8 track so the sound is not so good but has some great performances so is well worth a listen just for the vibe.

Let's Groove

Smooth Jazz guitar rework of the post disco track from the 'Raise' album. Written by Maurice White and Wayne Vaughn

Little Sunflower

This is my first ever guitar duet collaboration so who better to do it with than the immensely talented Dan Van Den Berg @danarchx I know, I was a bit skeptical of multiple guitarists too. It probably doesn't occur to guitarists to collab with other guitarists and when we do we stick into comfort zones e.g. Larry Carlton teams up with Robben Ford. So I wanted to do something with a player who is so different it is obvious which of us is playing at any time. I'm pleased to say that I think the contrast of our styles really works. To avoid confusion, I'm the slow/blusey one playing an Ovation electric and Dan is the fast/fusion technical one playing the Ibanez.. Written by Freddie Hubbard arranged by Devian

Maiden Voyage

Another classic from Herbie Hancock's Blue Note years. It's the title track off his fifth album and was recorded on May 17, 1965. It was arguably a concept album long before prog rock bands adopted the idea. It's a modal Jazz piece and consequently not easy to solo over. I stuck with a clean tone and adlibs, no recognisable guitar solo. It's very much a 'vibe', not really seeking to go beyond the laid back ethereal groove. This is the sort of chillout that Miles Davis did so well on his In A Silent Way album (Shhh and Peaceful).

Man In The Mirror

Here's my unplugged version of the classic Michael Jackson track from the Bad album. Written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett


I fell in love with this track way back in the '80s when it first came out. I was on a scuba diving holiday in Bermuda when I bought the 'Double Vision' album (on tape cassette) in a music store in the capital, Hamilton - so it always invokes some great memories. Don't you just love the way music can transport you back in time. Double Vision is a 1986 collaboration by Bob James and David Sanborn. The album was a successful smooth jazz release receiving frequent airplay. The track Maputo (a town in Mozambique) was written by Marcus Miller. Look who was on that original album. Only me playing all instruments on my version Bob James: keyboards, synthesizers David Sanborn: saxophone Marcus Miller: bass Steve Gadd: drums Paul Milton Jackson, Jr.: guitar Paulinho Da Costa: percussion

Matinee Idol

A good time groove track off one of the early Yellowjackets albums. They are my fave band to listen too.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

I cannot believe that this track was written in the sixties, a great time for pop but a barren time for jazz. This was half a decade before jazz went electric and Joe founded Weather Report with Wayne Shorter. To really date it look at the Youtube video, it's in black and white! Joe you were a genius man! Mercy has got to rate as one of the best ever Fender Rhodes parts ever. On a par with Joe Sample's part on 'put it where you want it'. Maybe even Stevie's 'livin' in the city' It was written by Joe Zawinul in 1966 for Julian "Cannonball" Adderley and his album Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at 'The Club'. The song is the title track of the album and became a surprise hit. "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" went to #2 on the Soul chart and #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 a feat that Joe would repeat with the track Birdland.

Message In a Bottle

absolutely nothing to do with the Police's song of the same name!


My version of this track is a mix of conventional interpretation and acid jazz! Milestones is one of Miles first forays into the developing modal jazz experiments. There's a high bass solo followed by a Jimi Hendrix style heavy rock lead guitar solo. I'm sure Miles would approve, he was the ultimate musical pioneer!

Mo Better Blues

The Branford Marsalis track from the movie of the same name


I give this track the full jazz House makeover and it is a testament to it's longevity that it sound comfortable with a 'modern' treatment. I give it a Marcus Miller spin and a hard rock guitar solo, just to mix it up! Moanin' is one of those tunes that everyone has heard regardless of whether, or not, you follow jazz. It is a composition by Bobby Timmons and the title track from jazz album by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers recorded in 1958


Crazy rock guitar track that takes no prisoners! I went through a wild guitar phase when I recorded this. Check out the Relentless album if you like this.
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