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Head Hunters

This is the first original track that I have posted for a year. I'm back in Jazz Funk territory again with a tribute to Herbie Hancock's Headhunters. For those of you tuned in to obscure musical references it has a bass line reminiscent of the track 'Chameleon' and some ethnic sounds like on the track 'Watermelon man' and no doubt more besides!


Her'es a nod and a wink to Herbie Hancock. Recorded when I was first playing keys so not as technically good as my more recent stuff.

Hey Baby

I love this easy listening track. It's mostly instrumental but has a short chorus that features Inna Walters on vocals

Higher Ground

Stevie wrote this track lyrically about reincarnation after a near fatal accident left him in a coma. Fortunately he survived and released the track on his seminal 1973 album 'Innervisions'

Hold On

Sort of Bluesy gospel feel. One of the first tracks I used AJ Lewis on vocals. Off the Smile album

Home at Last

HAL is a great little groove. Very typical Steely Dan chord progressions. I manage to play a lot of the melody on guitar during this track. Some Steely tracks melodies can be limited to a couple of notes for the vocals (e.g. Black Friday). This one has a beautiful melody, complete with those odd little passing notes and key changes we know and love (Becker/Fagen for). I'm very pleased with the solo on this one. You can't beat the Steelys to improvise over. It's tough to play with such a clean sound and guitar tone but this you can get #in the pocket' of. It's bluesey, it's jazzy, and, as you know, I'm sparing with the number of notes I play per musical bar. I'm out to be the most expressive I can be - and that means making the most you can of the notes you've got (and the silences between them)

Hoo Yah!

You can easily spot why this on is called Hoo Yah by the synth theme. Rocks along nicely.

Human Nature

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of Human Nature off the Thriller album by Michael Jackson. Miles Davis also did a version so I dropped some muted horns on it.

I gotta feeling

I know, this got played so much we all got sick of it! This is a fresh version done with jazz chords - a bit in the style of Isley Bros Summer Breeze.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Classic Marvin! It has been covered by so many artistes over the years; now by me! It was written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for Motown Records in 1966.

I just can't stop loving You

This is a very accomplished piece of song writing by Michael Jackson, reminding us that he didn't just cherry pick material from others, he really was a true master. The chord progressions are unusual and complex, changing key subtly and confidently like a modal jazz composition. I approach it by keeping it clean for the intro, following Jackson's melody line. I then explore with piano and light acoustic guitars. The hook gets a typical jazz technique of playing octaves for the line. The solo is then restrained to keep the song's beauty. The middle eight gets a guitar solo with a tougher tone. It's a joy to play over by following the key changes. Originally this track a 1987 ballad by Michael Jackson featuring a duet with Siedah Garrett, and was the first single released from his seventh album, Bad. The song was written by Jackson, and co-produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, R&B and adult contemporary charts

I see the light

This one chuggs along nicely and has two solos for the price of one!

I Wish

My version of the #1 Billboard hit from 1976 - off Songs in the Key of Life album


An original composition that boogies along. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. From the One Man Band album.

I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)

This is from Donald Fagen's Nightfly album. It's as close as he gets to classic Steely tracks like Doctor Wu. I give it bit of a modern pop flavour with the sampled, repetitive vocal pattern There's loads of melody I could pick out on the guitar too, I'm pleased with the solo which is typically Dan-eaque. You gotta dig their effortless key changes. It was the first track of his debut solo album The Nightfly, and was released in September 1982 as its first single, charting on the Billboard Hot 100, Mainstream Rock, R&B Singles and Adult Contemporary charts. The "I.G.Y." of the title refers to the "International Geophysical Year"

If I ever lose my faith in you

This is another Sting song I use an unusual instrumentation on, with fretless bass doing all the heavy lifting on both the main melodies and then the solo. I play only adlibs on guitar during this track, you can tell as early on as the intro it is very Steely Dan/Larry Carlton! This track is written by Sting of course during his early solo career away from the Police, so early nineties. It was the second single from his album Ten Summoner's Tales and was released in 1993

If you Love Somebody

This is one of Sting's classic tracks with a lyrical sentiment; if you love someone set them free. My version is an instrumental so concentrates on the melody. If I say it myself there's a scorching heavy rock guitar solo that makes the eyes water and reminds me of my blues roots. I was experimenting with some new software and found just the right setting for this tone.

I'm Not The Only One

My instrumental version of the 2015 Sam Smith hit

In a Silent Place

A homage to the Miles Davis track 'In a silent way'.

In a Silent Way

My version of the the iconic Miles track. I think it has most beautiful melody line ever, written by Joe Zawinul. Complete with Mile's actual horn on the coda!
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