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Blue Notes (album)

This album 'Blue Notes' celebrates the pioneering Jazz record label, Blue Note Records. Not all the tracks made it onto the Blue Note catalogue yet none would exist without the space Blue Note created for Jazz to evolve. Even if the track was on another album the original artists depped for Blue Note sessions at one time or another. Such was its influence in the jazz sphere. I have tried to respect the originals but update them to be relevant 50 years after first release. Jazz must move on or die so I have done some crazy things like adding modern hip hop beats, jumping genres across blues, rock, funk and acid jazz. I've used electric instruments and effects not available to the original artists. Some purists might call it sacrilege but to them I say the phrase Miles coined - So What!

Blue Samba

An original composition that boogies along with a Latin beat. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. From the Back To Basics album.

Blue Train

This track absorbs House and Elektro beats and doesn't blink! Blue Train is the second studio album by John Coltrane, released in 1958 on Blue Note Records, catalogue BLP 1577. Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio in Hackensack, New Jersey, it is Coltrane's second solo album, the only one he recorded for Blue Note as a leader, and the only one he conceived personally for the label.John Coltrane's next major album, 1960's Giant Steps, would break new melodic and harmonic ground in jazz, whereas Blue Train adheres to the hard bop style of the era

Boogie On Reggae Woman

Here's my smooth jazz guitar version of the Stevie Wonder classic off the Fullfillingness album. It was Stevie's golden era.

Boogie Wonderland

A new version of the greatest ever floor-filler - updated with loop mash beat. Woop woop! :-)

Bossa Nuevo

An original composition that boogies along with a Latin beat. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. From the Back To Basics album.


Brasilia is a latin style track featuring AJ Lewis on vocals. Ever since I heard George Duke's 'Brazilian Love Affair' I've wanted to do a Latin track. Here it is!

Breakfast with Tiffany

This is a smooth jazz track with some interesting drums on it


My rework of the George Benson classic

Bulan di Asia

An original track by the immensely talented Devian Zikri. I don't get to do 3/4 often and appreciate the possibilities when I do. It made for a nice solo on high bass.

Cantaloupe Island

The classic Herbie Hancock jazz standard from 1964 as you've never heard it before. My version features a House beat to drive it along and some mix and mash Hip Hop style!


Kool and the Gang were another band from the disco era that have stood the test of time. They transcended the disco genre and their material still sounds fresh today. They had great musicianship and great songs, a killer combination over a dance beat. Their horns were second only to Earth Wind and Fire's horn section.

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning

Here I've arranged the horns to take the main role on what is ostensibly a 12 bar. The guitar is left to do the improvisation, keeping it slow and buesey. This is yet another Steely Dan track that is timeless. on they say Chain Lightning is a simple 12 bar blues tune that has a swampy twang to it. This blues-ey track has an almost burlesque feel to it and if you close your eyes while listening to it, you can imagine that you are inside of a nineteen fifties vintage strip club with the requisite drummer performing while the strippers are doing their thing.

Chain Reaction

The ultimate riff based groove! Don't miss the guitar solo which starts at 2 mins 40


The classic Herbie Hancock jazz standard from his Headhunters era. My version features a Dubstep bass (along with the classic synth bass riff)

Changin' Times

Musicians: Benny, Luke Tunney (Horns) Rom Parol (drums) Lyn Edmenson (Bass) Bernie and Maurice (Vocals) ©

Christmas Song

One to get you in the festive mood. Inspired by a Joni Mitchell track that has a lot of sax

Cold Duck Time

By Eddie Harris this Jazz Standard is a real foot tapper. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. From the Back To Basics album.

Collaborations (album)

A collection of musical collaborations I have done. Collaborators include Mark Dorricott, Vocalatti and Ty
248   songs found: Page 3  of  13