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Collaborations (album)

A collection of musical collaborations I have done. Collaborators include Mark Dorricott, Vocalatti and Ty

Come back to me

I was enticed to this track because it has such a haunting melody and general vibe. It has always reminded me of "I'm only Human" by the Human League. It has some very similar chord progressions. I use a nylon stringed classical and electric guitars, as well as bass to pick out the tune. "Come Back to Me" is by Janet Jackson, taken from her fourth studio album, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989). It was written by Jackson, while James Harris III, and Terry Lewis co-wrote and produced the song.

Dad Funk

This is another one of my original tracks. I like the muted guitar line that hold it together. It also features my first ever bass guitar solo!

Deacon Blues

Deacon Blues is another classic Steely Dan track off the Aja album.

Doctor Wu

One of the Steelies most melodic tracks that lends itself well to guitar taking the main parts, as well as a solo. Plenty of horns in the middle eight. This song seems to be about a betrayed loser lover talking to his eccentric shrink, who perhaps has stolen the guy's girl. It features the signature Steely Dan irony: "All night long, we would sing that stupid song, and every word we sang I knew was true."

Dolphin Dance

Dolphin Dance is a jazz standard by Herbie Hancock. from his 1965 Maiden Voyage album, though Herbie also re-recorded it in 1974 and again in 1981. I figured it was about time it was recorded again fresh for 2016! I play high bass, keys and guitar on this track. It's a sensitive composition so I resisted my usual inclination to do something rebellious when playing jazz standards. Dig the double bass solo at 2 mins 24.


The pop hit by Essex girl Jessie J. She's the real thing! I was going to try 'Price tag' but it got so overplayed (and the lyric is what makes it so no instrumental)

Don't Know Why

The ultimate laid back jazz track by Norah Jones. I was messing about with my new nylon stringed guitar one day...

Don't Say Goodbye

This one's a bit spacey with some Larry Carlton style guitar licks!

Don't Stop

My one attempt at Hip Hop/rap. I simply used a vocal sample that came with my DAW! body rock y'all !!!!!!

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

Off the Michael Jackson album 'Off The Wall'. When that album first came out (on vinyl) it was glued to my turntable!

Don't Take Me Alive

Guitar fans... I recreate, rather successfully, the original iconic Larry Carlton guitar solo on the intro note for note. The track wouldn't have been the same! "Don't Take Me Alive" is the third track from the fifth Steely Dan album the Royal Scam. Written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of course. Leaving no mystery to the lyrics, "Don't Take Me Alive" is about a violent criminal holed up with "a case of dynamite" telling the cops to shoot him

Don't Want To Be Lonely

This one's a sort of R&B pop track that turned out to be Euro pop. Maybe I should enter it to Eurovision! Feat Laura on vocals

Don't you remember the Good Times?

This is a collaboration with two very talented, original, and distinctive artistes - Vocalatti on vocals and Mark Dorricott on keyboards. It got 135,000 plays in 6 months on Soundcloud! That should put me top of the jazz charts!


This track was written on keyboards so is predominantly a synth track

Early AM

Dave Grusin / Lee Ritenour Early A.M. Attitude Composed by Dave Grusin


Here we have a nice fusion outing with some synth horns.

Eddie's Groove

An original composition that boogies along. It was inspired by Eddie Harris' 'Compared To What' jazz standard. The drum track is straght off of my version of Birdland. I play all instruments, arrange, produce the track. From the Back To Basics album.

EG blues

this is a track by the Icelandic jazz funk outfit Mezzoforte


A definitive guitar piece from Carlos Santana
262   songs found: Page 4  of  14